Temporary Staffing

Complete Projects / Deadlines / Seasonal Work
Most businesses can use an extra set of hands to handle a big project or a new surge in business. But most are reluctant to hire full-time staff. This is where the temporary solution can be of help. A staffing agency can provide temporary employees to help with a wide variety of business tasks. Working closely with the staffing agency, a hiring manager can ensure that temporary workers possess the needed skills, education and experience to meet workload deadlines.


Evaluate your candidate work performance before offering permanent employment
Temporary employees give the business an opportunity to evaluate an employee’s work performance before making a permanent offer of employment. In some cases, a person may have the experience and education for a job but simply does not mesh well with the business environment. So in this case, the Temporary-to-Hire solution works great. Having the opportunity to have the person work on a temporary basis first gives the business a chance to evaluate how the person will fit in with the corporate culture and other employees. It also provides time to identify any weaknesses that would not typically be evident in the interview process.

Direct Hire

Find candidates you won’t normally find
Companies that are seeking out candidates in areas where low unemployment numbers are common can benefit from partnering with a staffing agency that offers Direct-Hire Placement like S3 does. This solution will provide you with a different candidate pool than what you would get from your job boards and typical candidates applying to ads. These are passively looking, confidential candidates that as a staffing agency, we network with to assist them in their direct-hire confidential search as a working employee. Accessing this different pool of candidates is a well-known resource for companies trying to fill higher level positions within the company that are looking for specific skill-sets.

Vendor on Premise (VOP/ Onsite Management):

If your organization has a high-volume contingent workforce, the value of an on-site management program/VOP is fundamental!  The S3 on-site solution provides a strategic outline for delivering talent, minimizing risk, and fostering innovative ways to support your business goals. Our strategic partnership blueprint is the foundation of our On-Site management Program and is instrumental in the design of each workforce program. With S3, you get a partner that manages all aspects of your temporary workforce, including other staffing vendors, so you can focus on what is most important to you: your core business.

We believe in building partnerships, not simply building business. We will invest time in learning your business and hiring the best possible employees to meet your needs.

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